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While Marc Jacobs has a whole range of fashion, cosmetic and fragrance products, the brand’s Daisy Collection of perfumes is among their most recognizable items. Since its release in 2007, Daisy and its subsequent variations have been a staple in many magazine lists and department store best sellers. This is because the Daisy Range is a collection of cohesive fragrances that are fresh and floral with an undeniable spark of carefree fun, an invitation to create stories to last a lifetime.

This story starts with the fragrance that launched an entire line, and indeed a trend in florals, the original Marc Jacobs Daisy. Daisy has come to be iconic, with top notes of violet leaf, grapefruit and strawberry, middle notes of violet flower, gardenia and jasmine, and base notes of musk, woods, and vanilla, for a perfume that is ozonic fresh and white floral with a powdery and citrus touch. As iconic as the scent is the bottle that holds it- a gold cap with two cheerful white flowers, and a smooth and elegant bottle with the sunny yellow juice. Daisy is versatile and endless wearable, perfect for any age, occasion, or as a gift.

The first addition to the Daisy line was Daisy Eau So Fresh, a more natural and fruity twist on the original sunny fragrance. Eau So Fresh builds from subtle but rich base notes of musk, plum and cedar with middle notes of violet, litchi, apple blossom, rose and jasmine, and prominent top notes of raspberry, pear, green notes, and grapefruit. This fragrance is like the original Daisy, fresh and floral, but with a touch of fruity flair and greenness for a gentle boldness. The bottle is also an exciting twist on the original, a gold cap covered in white, blush and yellow flowers for a smooth and delicate bottle with blush-coloured juice.

Compared to the previous two perfumes, Daisy Dream aims to be a more head-turning fragrance, incorporating fruits and lesser-known florals. It opens with blackberry, pear, and grapefruit, building with mid notes of wisteria, jasmine and litchi, and base notes of musk, woods, and coconut. The fruity notes are prominent, but Daisy Dream is still distinctly floral and ozonic-bright with a more ‘blue tone’ as the bottle suggests. The bottle is also markedly different to previous iterations, with a classic conical bottle of blue juice and a spherical cap covered in a meadow of gentle white daisies.

The Daisy line is continued in 2018 with Daisy Love, though this is another degree separated from the original. Inviting and gentle, Daisy love is a fragrance that sparkles with radiant florals and a fruity gourmand twist. This perfume has grounding but subtle base notes of musk and driftwood that keep it from becoming too light, with middle notes of daisies and cream, and top notes of fruity cloudberry and raspberry. Like the name suggest, Daisy Love is romantic and girlish, a perfume that twinkles with gentle fruitiness and a champagne-like touch.

If you are after a fragrance with a little extra champagne-shimmer, Daisy Love goes one step further with Daisy Love Eau So Sweet. Sweet has similar notes to Daisy Love but builds on them to create a fragrance with a more fairytale touch. Eau So Sweet opens with top notes of raspberry, blackberry and zesty bergamot, middle notes of daisies and sunny jasmine, and base notes of sugar, iris, white woods, and musk. The raspberry top notes give this fragrance a fruity twist, but the sugary powder-puff dry down is what stands out.

Daisy Love throws out another sparkling variation with Daisy Love Sunshine. Compared to the original Daisy Love, Sunshine is sweeter and more citrus-centered. Cloudberry, bergamot, and lime sit as the sharp and fresh top notes of this fragrance, while the middle notes of citrus and white florals balance with gentle base notes of ocean driftwood and musk. This beachy-bright fragrance is girly and sweet, reflecting summer's warmth and a sun-drenched glow. With the coming warm months, Daisy Love Sunshine is the perfect reflection of a summer well-spent.

Marc Jacobs’ range of Daisy fragrances are now iconic for their fresh and feminine scents, which each have a different twist of citrus, fruits, or unique florals to add depth and interest to your everyday. With connecting floral and fruity notes throughout the line, this collection is cohesive and well-developed, and each fragrance makes for a great summer addition to your fragrances.

Written by Miranda

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