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When talking about fragrance, it would be hard not to include Ralph Lauren. Iconic since the early 1970s, with its signature logo of the polo player mid-game and large ranges of both men and women’s clothing, Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest names in fashion. This includes fragrance; from its iconic Safari perfumes (reminiscent of the even more iconic Safari Suits) to its newer perfumes, every Ralph Lauren development is at the cutting edge of achievement. It is the lesser-known fragrances I want to focus on today; while perhaps not as popular, these perfumes are beautifully designed and executed.

We start with the women’s perfumes, with the best of the best. One of my all-time favourite fragrances, Ralph Lauren Woman captures femineity, modernity, and flair in a bottle. The top notes of black currant, pear and rhubarb create a delicate fruity-fresh opening, closely followed by the rich floral middle notes of orange blossom, tuberose and rose for a classic feminine twist. The woody-nutty base notes of sandalwood, hazelnut and woods add a depth and a slight sweetness.

Romance Rose from Ralph Lauren is a fruity twist on the classic Romance fragrance for a woman that is vibrant and assured. The opening notes burst with fruitiness; lychee and red apple combine with heady blackcurrant and a twist of bergamot for top notes that brighten this perfume for the everyday. The middle notes of roses, jasmine and white violet tie it together with the original Romance fragrance, while the base notes of musk, patchouli and sweet, resinous benzoin further deepen and separate the fragrance from the original Romance, creating a perfume that is self-possessed and strong.

For something a little more casual and fun, there is the Ralph fragrance in its bright blue bottle. Ralph is a fruity-sweet perfume with a touch of freshness that is great for summer holidays and days in the sun. The fragrance opens with top notes of apple leaf, mandarin and apricot-scented osmanthus flower for its fruity twist, followed by floral mid-notes of yellow freesia, magnolia and airy boronia flower. There are deeper base notes of musk and powdery white iris, but these notes are light, keeping the fragrance vibrant. This is a bright fruity fragrance with floral supports for fun and sun.

Alongside women’s fragrances, there are also men’s perfumes, including the more classic Polo Sport fragrance from 1994. The Polo Sport is a layered and full fragrance, aromatic, citrus and fresh-spicy with nearly two dozen notes. The perfume opens with mint and sparkling Aldehydes, as well as herbal lavender artemisia herb, fresh bergamot, mandarin, lemon, and neroli. These notes create the fresh and green tones of the fragrance. They are followed by the middle notes of seagrass, ginger, jasmine, geranium, cyclamen, rose and rosewood, beginning to build the fresh-spiciness and deeper woodiness of the fragrance, further build with the base notes of musk, sandalwood, cedar, and amber. While the base notes create a gentle depth to the fragrance, this perfume remains fresh and aromatic. As the name suggests, this fragrance is a perfect refresher for a hot and hardworking day.

Polo Red goes in another direction, electric and unique. This is a fruity-fresh fragrance, which is not overly common for men’s perfume, without being obnoxious or over-the-top. The base notes of amber, coffee and woods are a big part of that, adding masculinity and depth to the fragrance, with the light middle notes of sage and saffron further muting the possible sickliness. The top notes are where the fun happens, fresh and zesty lemon and grapefruit with cranberry, the fragrance’s most prominent note. This strong fruity note could have overpowered the perfume, but Ralph Lauren has been careful to balance this fragrance to make it unique without overwhelming. There is also Red Extreme, which is fruitier with added depth from blood orange and more coffee.

Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand, and this goes beyond their most well-known fragrances. Each fragrance is carefully formed and presented, creating fragrances that are unique, long-lasting, and wearable. When it comes to perfume, Ralph Lauren is always worth a try.

Written by Miranda

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