The History Of Perfume

The History Of Perfume - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

People have enjoyed using perfume, oils and fragranced water for thousands of years.

The Egyptians used perfume balms during religious rituals, in India fragrance has been traced back to the 7th century, The Bible mentions a sacred perfume used by priests consisting of myrrh, cinnamon and cassia, in Islamic cultures people have been using spices and herbs to create exotic fragrances for hundreds and hundreds of years.

It was during the reign of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I that perfume reached its peak of popularity. During this time women were encouraged to wear fragrance to accentuate feminine beauty. Gradually, France became the capital of the world for fragrance design and remains the perfume hotspot of the world today. During the 19th Century, the expansion of modern chemistry led to new developments in the production of fragrances.

Much like fashion, perfume has evolved through the ages to suit changing trends. Today, fragrances can be heavy or light, sweet or citrus, floral or fruity.

With new fragrances released into the world of perfumery constantly, the options are endless!

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