Windows to the Soul: Brows and Lashes

Windows to the Soul: Brows and Lashes - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

With the new season well underway, there are as many different makeup looks to choose from as there are designers.

There is one look however that has been around for numerous seasons and it’s not going away any time soon: naturally bold brows, long lashes and clean, glowing skin. Luckily, with the right products, you don’t need to have perfect skin or super long lashes to pull this look off.

Let’s start with the brows; grown-out is the way to go. Put those tweezers away and get out the shaping gel, either transparent or coloured to suit your look. And don’t worry if those brows are a little sparse; a brow powder will fill those gaps in beautifully. Try Ardell Pro Brow building fiber gel, or a Brow Pomade.

Now for the lashes; for this look think natural: Ardell Demi Wispies are the most popular, though for more control you could opt for a DuraLash kit.

Finally, that no makeup, glowing skin. If you’re not lucky enough to have perfect skin, Nude by Nature mineral makeup gives you a light coverage without drying you out. For that healthy glow, dust a highlighter, such as Australis High Life Powder, along your cheekbones and voila, a natural look to turn heads.

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