Tips for buying Fragrance as a Gift

Tips for buying Fragrance as a Gift - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct staff have extensive training in order to provide only the best recommendations to our customers. Our sales assistants can tell you which classification a fragrance falls into and what the main notes are. This information comes in handy when we are helping you choose a gift but with taste in fragrance so personal, how can you be sure you have made the right choice? We’ve compiled our top tips to help ensure the gift you’ve chosen will be a hit.

Knowing what perfume the recipient has worn before is the best starting point. Identifying the notes in a favourite can lead you to something similar they will also love. If you’re not sure of any previous preferences, thinking about their personality traits can help to tailor your gift. Are they adventurous, elegant or outgoing? If you describe the person, we can match them to a fragrance.

Perfume is an extension of personal style so how someone dresses can provide clues towards their taste. Floral fragrances compliment ladylike looks, while woody masculine compositions could appeal to an edgier aesthetic.

Gifting perfume doesn’t have to be stressful. Most people have multiple perfumes on rotation and will wear them depending on mood, so there is bound to be an occasion that suits your gift. Who knows, it could even become their new signature scent!

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