Three Reasons to try the Blending Sponge

Three Reasons to try the Blending Sponge - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

As a buffing brush devotee for applying foundation, I was a little sceptical of the blending sponge. Something about it seemed kind of gimmicky to me and I thought it was ‘just’ a sponge. Oh how wrong I was...

The Finish

The number one reason to try the blending sponge is the finish you can achieve. Working best when dampened, the sponge can be used to both apply and blend a product. When used with a bouncing, stippling motion, the sponge presses foundation into the skin allowing you to get more coverage using less of your chosen base – all the while creating a professional, flawless finish.

It’s Reusable

Using the sponge damp also prevents any excess product being absorbed and reduces wastage. Unlike traditional disposable sponges the sturdy fabric of the blending sponge can be easily cleaned with a gentle soap, meaning if you look after it you can use it again and again.

It’s Multipurpose

Originally designed for base makeup, the sponge is actually a hardworking all rounder in your beauty arsenal. It works for any liquid product like concealer, or creams like blush and bronzer, but don’t stop there. The even application and pressing method of the sponge makes it ideal for use with skincare too. Think moisturisers, serums and sunscreens.

Don’t let the simplicity of the sponge fool you. A staple tool seen backstage at fashion week runways and movie sets for over a decade, the unassuming little sponge is the makeup artist’s secret weapon you can try for yourself!

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