Why choose mineral make up?

Why choose mineral make up? - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

Mineral makeup has completely revolutionised the cosmetics world and women of all ages boast its positive effects. The mineral formula is created through the use of natural ingredients rather than harmful synthetic products.

The creation process involves sterilising and pulverising natural minerals, which are then mixed with natural pigments. Mineral makeup is free of chemical nasties, oil and talc and therefore perfect for women with sensitive skin as it will not irritate, inflame or cause redness.

Not only is mineral makeup perfect for sensitive skin, it is also beneficial for oily skin. As the makeup is not absorbed into the skin, its lightweight formula allows skin to breath and does not clog up pores which can lead to outbreaks. Despite mineral makeup being lightweight, it provides excellent coverage and blends beautifully by evening out skin tone.

Be kind to your skin and try out this miracle beauty product today.

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