Why Everyone Needs a Red Lipstick in Their Collection

Why Everyone Needs a Red Lipstick in Their Collection - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

I'm just going to call it now; every single person needs a red lipstick in their collection. Hear me out ... It enables low maintenance people to feel instantly put together and it has lasted through the decades as a timeless classic.

Taking inspiration from the 1920’s with a glossy blue based red lip, through to the 2000s where the craze was brick red with a thin lip line to now where matte lipsticks reign supreme. You simply can’t deny that the red lip is here to stay.

Just say I turn up to work with only foundation on and a messy bun ... I know I can't be the only one guilty of this ... My boss probably wouldn't be the most impressed. You throw a red lip into that combo and you instantly look chic! Super low maintenance but there’s just something about a red lip that makes you look so put together.

I know what you’re thinking, red is super bold and extremely hard to wear... Wrong! You just need the right products, that’s why I am here to help!

I find my own go to is L’Oréal Color Riche Matte Retro Red 344. The matte formula with precious oils like Camelia and Jojoba for hydration and comfort, combined with a gel base for a longer lasting wear time, you’re set for the day. I find no bleeding and it stains my lips so when I’m finish lunch it’s still there!

If you find that any lipstick you wear tends to bleed on your lips opt for a lipliner. Instead of just outlining the border of your lips try filling in the entire lip, I find this will not only help the lipstick not bleed out, but it also gives the colour a boost of staying power! One of my favourite lipliners is the LOréal Color Riche Lip Liner Couture 377 in Perfect Red. I am a huge fan of using products from the same family, and find that they are made to complement each other so it’s worth using together!


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