Cologne and Fragrance Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Cologne and Fragrance Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys - Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

It feels as if every year it gets harder to Christmas shop for teenagers; especially boys! Toys and games are great for kids, but teenagers have often outgrown these types of gifts and aren’t quite old enough for conventional adult presents.

While it can be difficult to determine what's alluring to boys, a cologne can be a fantastic Christmas gift idea for a teenage boy who is beginning to forge their own identity. Whether they’re just starting high school or are beginning to care more about their identity and how others perceive them, a cologne or fragrance as a present is a great way to help them explore this.

It can be hard to find the right scent to match the personality and style of a teenage boy and there’s a lot of wrong choices based on the individual, but below are our top safe picks of the best colognes and fragrances for teenage boys.

Calvin Klein - CK One Cologne

When in doubt, it's always best to go with safe options for holiday gifts. CK One is an incredibly iconic fragrance that is light and refreshing, making it a great go-to gift idea as CK One can be worn as a casual choice for school or uni. This cologne is versatile and can be used for both special occasions and every day.

Calvin Klein CK One gift set

The CK One gift set is a great idea as it includes a similarly scented body wash. It’s a great gift idea for a teenage boy who is just beginning to use fragrances and colognes

Calvin Klein CK One Summer Cologne

If you’re looking for a more modern, seasonal fragrance that is still a safe option, the Calvin Klein Summer is a great choice. This variation doubles down on the citrus notes and is the perfect scent for those hot summer days. It’s a fantastic choice for boys in those mid teenage years, where their holidays are spent socialising with friends rather than family.

Calvin Klein CK One Shock Cologne

For older teenage boys, CK One Shock is another great alternative. More masculine and edgy, CK One shock has oriental scents that make it a great twist on a classic favourite. It’s a great Christmas gift idea for teenage boys who have been wearing colognes for a while and are starting play around with more experimental scents.

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Hugo Boss Bottled Cologne

Boss Bottled is another popular choice for young guys and is a little bit more adventurous than run of the mill teenage fragrances. This fragrance, featuring a blend of citrus notes with a deep vanilla base is designed for a compassionate, spontaneous and relaxed young man.

Hugo Boss Bottled Gift Set

Another great gift idea for younger teenage boys who are just discovering colognes and fragrances, the Boss Bottled Gift Set is perfect for teenage boys full of energy, but always comfortable in their skin.

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Cologne

Boss Bottled is a tried and tested cologne that offers something different for teenage boys when compared to other safe options. The woody, oriental tones are distinctive and a perfect choice for the teenage boy who wants to stand out among his peers.

Hugo Boss Bottled United

Perfect for the teenage boy who, loves sports, or particularly soccer. Boss Bottled United captures that feeling of stepping on to the pitch on game day. Endorsed by famous football stars such as Harry Kane, Julian Draxler, Alvaro Morata, and Philippe Coutinho, you can safely bet that any teenage boy who loves sport will love this cologne.

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Joop Fragrances & Colognes

Most boys will at some stage have a bottle of Joop sitting on their bathroom cabinet so if you are completely stuck for ideas, minimise your choice to the Joop range and select a fragrance that best suits his personality. Joop is extremely popular among teenage boys, so buying Joop cologne as a Christmas present is a safe bet.

Joop Go Men’s Cologne

Joop Go is designed for a cheeky young gentleman with a definite mischievous streak. It is lively and joyful with woody notes and flashes of Orange Leaves, Geranium and Vetiver. These fun and playful notes make it a perfect xmas present and introductory cologne for teenage boys.

Joop Homme Men’s Cologne

Whereas Joop Homme with it’s spicy, fresh oriental wooden tones is great for an effortlessly cool, no-fuss teenage boy who’s more mature and starting to develop more adult tastes.

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Still not sure what cologne to buy? Why not browse our full collection of men’s colognes. Whilst the above colognes are great Christmas presents for teenage boys, we have a broader range and plenty of gift sets and individual colognes to choose from!

Another option is to take your special young man to your nearest CF Direct store. Let him choose his favourite fragrance that captures his personality and individuality.

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