Fragrance Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Fragrance Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Most women could tell you the first perfume they ever owned. Whether it was a gift or a painstakingly researched, personal splurge, the first fragrance will always hold a special place in her heart.

In some cases she may stick to it forever, never straying from her favourite brand or scent. Others may find it influences their taste, always gravitating towards fragrances comprised of notes present in that first, treasured composition. If it’s a gift you’re after, choosing a first fragrance is important, but not impossible! We’ve compiled some of our favourites below.

As a first fragrance, Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent ticks all the boxes. The delicate fruity floral opens with fresh notes of blackcurrant, orange, apple and pineapple before leading into heart notes comprised of a classic floral bouquet; rose, freesia, lily of the valley and heliotrope. Finishing with warming base notes of vanilla, cedar, sandalwood and tonka, Baby Doll seemingly has something for everyone. With notes from practically all of the major fragrance families it makes a perfect introductory perfume.

Alternatively, if the gift’s recipient is more active gym bunny than girlie girl, a clean and fresh scent like Davidoff Cool Water is a classic choice. The relaxed, aquatic fragrance effortlessly combines fruity citrus with mild floral notes like jasmine and may rose to produce an aroma reminiscent of the ocean on a clear sunny day.

Finally, don’t discount the plethora of celebrity fragrances available. Surprisingly wearable, celebrity fragrances have come a long way and are often an inexpensive introduction to wearing a fragrance. Besides, your tween will undoubtedly worship the ground you walk on if you come home with the new offering from One Direction, That Moment.