Beyoncé’s captivating feminine power has inspired women all over the world to follow her lead and express their own strength and determination.

Beyoncé aims to make women feel empowered, sexy and strong when wearing her fragrances. Her line of perfumes is designed for a commanding and modern woman, who is not afraid to unleash her inner passion. The vivacious vixen has released a handful of fragrances, all of which have developed a loyal following. The alluring Heat was released in 2010, the effervescent Heat Rush was launched in 2011 and Beyoncé’s most recent addition to the perfume world, the irresistible Pulse was also released in 2011.

Her debut fragrance, Heat represents the pop star herself by encapsulating her fiery and feminine nature. Heat is a warm fruit musk fragrance, with top notes including peach, magnolia and orchid. Musk and almond give Heat its warmth and depth and amber and tonka provide a delightful dry-down. The design of the red, vintage bottle perfectly represents the racy perfume. Heat is a sensual and sexy fragrance, reminiscent of sweltering summer nights sipping fruit cocktails.