Agent Provocateur

In 1994, Agent Provocateur was founded by Joseph Corré, the son of Vivienne Westwood. The first store opened in Soho, selling colourful and fashionable lingerie and for a long time, held the title as the UK’s most desirable luxury lingerie brand. The label was pushing boundaries, selling daring, high-end underwear that was brazenly sexual. It subverted outdated male fantasies and placed women in the dominant position.

Recently the label has reinvented itself with a company operational restructuring; talent, retail, franchise partnerships and market being all key focuses, with a movement to broaden their customer base, price points and products including a growing line of fragrances.

With their first fragrance being released in 2000, the Agent Provocateur signature scent was born. A wild, sharp and sensual perfume which instantly established them as a major player in the fragrance world and reflected their brand’s tone perfectly. They have since released a range of fragrances, all of which are maintained under the Agent Provocateur brand and continue to captivate and provoke the wild side in every Woman.