Amber Perfumes, Colognes and Fragrances

Amber is fossilised tree resin that takes millions of years to form. It is used as an ingredient in fragrance, jewellery and as a natural remedy. While known for its natural beauty that has inspired endless names for it such as tiger’s soul, hardened honey, tears of sun and window to the past; when used in fragrances it creates a warm, rich, full scent.

Amber is reminiscent of luxe vanilla with a smoky, incense shadow. If a perfume includes amber as a note, the overall fragrance is likely to be a sweet, warm, vanilla and labdanum blend. It is not an over-powering scent however, this timeless scent will inspire and spark your imagination as amber holds the full attention of the senses.

A fragrance that features this sensual note is The One by Dolce and Gabanna, where the amber creates the classic glamour and sensuality this fragrance is known for.

Amber is known for its natural beauty. Mirror your natural mirror with a warm, rich, full amber fragrance.

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