Ardell was created in 1971 with the vision to enhance women’s natural beauty through their gorgeous range of faux lashes. The company was established by Arnold Miller and his wife, Sydell Miller who joined their names together to create the brand, Ardell. The wide range of products designed by Ardell includes everything required for perfect brows and luscious lashes. From strip lashes, to brow sculpting gel, Ardell’s extensive range has caused the trusted brand not only to be sold in retail stores, but they have also become a popular choice in professional salons.

Ardell’s individual and strip lashes make it easy to achieve alluring eyes. Their range of pretty, feminine and thick lashes are easy to apply, look natural when worn and are easy to remove. Ardell’s amazing adhesive used to apply the lashes is guaranteed to help them stay on, so you can relax and flutter your lashes without a worry.