Burberry offers timeless and luxurious fashion, accessories and fragrance. The fashion label’s trademark tartan print or ‘Burberry check’ is synonymous with style and elegance appearing on products from trench coats to perfume bottles.

Burberry was founded by 21 year old, Thomas Burberry in Hampshire, England in 1856. Initially, the main focus of the label was on outdoor wear. During the First World War, Burberry designed an officer’s coat, known today as the modern trench coat. The recognisable and iconic ‘Burberry check’ first appeared on the inner lining of the trench coat and was used during the 1960s for their accessories including handbags, umbrellas and luggage.

Accompanying Burberry’s clothing lines are their stunning range of fragrances. Their collection of fragrances are inspired by Burberry’s refined, sophisticated yet modern fashion designs. Fragrances are available for both men and women who wish to indulge themselves in a little bit of luxury. Treat yourself to a bit of London charm.