Cedarwood Colognes and Perfumes

Since Biblical times, people have used Cedarwood for its aromatic qualities in incense as well as exclusively in sacred temples and palaces. Cedarwood remains a commonly used ingredient in perfume today and is mainly utilised as a base note. It has the ability to balance the sharpness of spicy notes and add depth to light floral or transparent citrus notes.

Although used more in men’s fragrances, cedarwood is also present in women’s perfumes like Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, to anchor airy floral notes. On the other hand a cologne like Body Kouros uses undeniable top notes of Cedarwood to make a statement.

Smooth, sweet and voluptuous with a trace of resin, Cedarwood is an essential note when ensuring a fragrance is beautifully rounded, rich and full. This versatile note gives a woody sweetness to the concentrations that it is added to, and gives the wearer a calm, cool confidence.