Citrus Perfumes and Fragrances

The distinctive aroma of Citrus is typified by succulent fruits dripping with flavour, from the zest of lemons, to summer grapefruits, oranges and bergamots. When added to a fragrance, it has the ability to invigorate, refresh and energise.

Because of the low molecular weight of Citrus oils, they are perfect to be used as top notes allowing any perfume or cologne to sparkle. This makes Citrus fragrances not only refreshing, but also capable of adding a new, contemporary spin on classic notes such as amber, musk and vanilla.

For this reason, fresh, cool Citrus notes are commonly referenced in men’s and women's everyday fragrances. Fashion Houses like Calvin Klein often use splashes of lime and twists of lemon in their fragrances to create light, refreshing unisex scents like ck One.

Fragrances with a Citrus tang are never boring, using zest to create a freshness and energy when worn.