Fresh Colognes, Perfumes & Fragrances

If you love the smell of rain, recently mowed lawns or air dried laundry, then fresh colognes and perfumes are a great choice.

Fresh Fragrances include perfumes and colognes with citrus, green (herbal) and water based scents. Often also referred to as aromatic fragrances, they are traditionally related to colognes more than perfumes. Rosemary, thyme, sage, eucalyptus, bergamot, grapefruit & mandarin are all common ingredients used to create fresh scents that are clean, light and bright.

Given how subtle this aroma can be, fragrances with solely fresh scents are rare, as pairing this aroma with spicy and/or fruity notes gives fuller accords to the overall perfume or cologne. Fragrances like Davidoff’s Coolwater, Calvin Klein’s All or Gucci’s Bloom are just some of the many iconic fresh fragrances we stock. View our full range below of perfumes, colognes and fragrances with fresh aromas.