Iris Fragrances and Perfumes

The name Iris is derived from the Greek Rainbow Goddess, Irida. Although they are not commonly used in bouquets due to their fragility, irises are astoundingly beautiful. The iris is the symbol of friendship, faith, hope and wisdom in many cultures and is often used in meditation rituals.

The roots are harvested and used in perfume and medicine. This ancient practice is still used today despite being time consuming and intricate. Iris roots must be harvested, cleaned, cut, dried and aged for up to 5 years. This process is called orris root production.

The aroma of iris is cold and delicate as highlighted by perfumes like Body by Burberry which has a sparkling heart of iris and sensual warm woods. The lightness and delicate nature of the iris notes in this fragrance is sure to get hearts racing.

When included in a fragrance, Iris instantly gives the blend elegance unachievable with any other note. View our range of Iris perfumes and fragrances below!

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