Jean Paul Gaultier

The innovative French designer born in 1952, Jean Paul Gaultier, began his career in fashion working for Pierre Cardin in 1970 at 22 years of age. Gaultier never fails to push the limits by shaking up all previously established fashion rules. His use of heavily tattooed, pierced and fuller figure models, as well as unconventional fashion designs - think male skirts and corsets - are examples of his incessant creativity.

Le Male is Gaultier’s first masculine fragrance and it has proved to be immensely successful, appealing mostly to young men. This cologne is designed for a confident man who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Its blend of Bergamot, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedar and Amber create a woody and spicy mix. But it would not be a Gaultier fragrance without an element of surprise. Mint, Lavender and Cumin give Le Male a little bit of a kick.

MaDame was released by Gaultier in 2008. This fresh floral fragrance is both electrifying and edgy capturing the essence of a young, free-spirited, modern woman. Who better fits this description than eclectic English model Agyness Deyn, the face of MaDame. The fragrance opens with a fizzy and fruity burst. Top notes of Orange Zest and Grenadine give way to warm, powdery heart notes. MaDame’s Sandalwood, Cedar and Vanilla base notes are feminine and soft. Overall, MaDame is a firecracker of a fragrance for today’s spirited woman.