Oriental Perfumes, Colognes & Fragrances

Warm, sensual and rich, oriental fragrances are evocative scents that smell of exotic lands and suit perfectly people with style, flair and passionate intensity.

Oriental perfumes and colognes use highly aromatic notes from ingredients like musk, vanilla, cinnamon, golden oud, smoky incense, amber, tobacco, spices and resin. They are often paired with woody scents in men’s colognes and floral aromas in women’s perfumes to create fragrances that are traditional in smell, but hint at air mystique and the unconventional.

Oriental notes are a keystone of many modern fragrances like Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique Eau De Toilette perfume or Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million cologne. Purely oriental fragrances are rare, given the intensity of the ingredients. However, Roberto Cavalli’s Nero Assoluto Eau De Parfum is a great example.