Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler was born in December 1948 in Strasborg. Rowdy and undisciplined at school, he spent much of his school years musing over the Gothic towers of the Cathedral and the museum statues – the inspiration for the heavy, draped fall of his fabrics and metal bodices.

With a varied interest in horror films and Hollywood musicals, Thierry Mugler joined the opera du Rhin Dance Company at the age of fourteen, entering a world he had always dreamed of.
At the same time he was a student at the Strasbourg school of fine arts. Creating his own clothes, he was soon recognised for his individual style. He went on to become a freelance designer for many well-known couture houses in Paris, Milan and London. Thierry Mugler created his own fashion house in 1974, in 1977 he presented his first collections, followed by the Amazonian, the ultra-feminine, the Hollywood and Visconti’s divas; he opened the era of the female star.

He is the first to show women as strong, conquering, victorious, sensual and sexual.

Each woman expresses who she is and how she wishes the world to view her, by the choice of her clothes, and of course her fragrance. Thierry Mugler places his women in the centre stage of life, where she plays the role of heroine. Sensuality is concealed in an impeccably tailored suit, which creates daring allure with a sense of humour.

Angel is the representation of Thierry Mugler’s creative duality. We are reminded of angels and demons, celestial symbols, mythical figures and the woman – both delicate and powerful.