The word Versace conjures up images of fine Italian handbags, eye wear, clothing and stunning fragrances. This fashion empire is associated with all that is luxurious.

The Versace family have fashion in their blood. Gianni Versace spent many hours learning skills in his mother’s fashion workshop at a young age. At 25, he moved to the fashion capital of the world, Milan to broaden his knowledge and pursue a career in the industry. Gianni’s larger than life fashion icon sister, Donatella Versace, was also drawn to the glamour of the fashion world and after studying Languages at the University of Florence assisted her brother with his campaigns to publicise the Versace brand. As a reward for her tireless efforts and support, Gianni developed Versus, a diffusion line of Versace as a gift to his sister in 1989.

Daring fragrances such as Versus reflect Donatella’s energy and tough femininity and Crystal Noir showcases the allure and sensuality of a confident woman.