Woody Colognes, Perfumes & Fragrances

Woody fragrances are easily identifiable due to their name, think scents like sandalwood, cedar, agarwood, guaiac wood, patchouli and vetiver. While not all these scents are woods (patchouli and vetiver are roots), they all create warm and opulent notes that project a deep earthy and woody character that feel sophisticated and cool.

Pure woody scents are traditionally masculine with many colognes using this aroma as a base, this is due to woody colognes smelling refreshingly authentic. Potentially due to the maturing of the olfactive system, woody colognes and fragrances are considered more for adults and divert away from the sweeter scents marketed towards teens and younger people. 

Despite the masculine association, there are plenty of women’s perfumes and fragrances that also contain woody aromas. Often infused with oriental, citrus or floral scents, they include Hugo Boss Deep Red For Women, Parfums Gres Cabochard Eau De Toilette and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Love Is Love.

If you love the smell of the forests, the feel of formal wear or the sound of jazz, then woody fragrances might be the ideal scent for you.