Butt Naked


Butt Naked Clay Face Mask 50g

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Butt Naked Face Mask 50g

For all skin types including sensitive & dry. targets redness, blemishes and breakout-prone skin. 

Packed with Omega 3's from Hemp, Green Tea & Aloe Vera. This amazing green mask is a wrinkle smoothing, redness reducing, anti inflammatory powerhouse. Smooths skin, tightens pores and reveals a fresh dewy complexion, blemish free! a dream come true. 

How to use? 

Mix together - Use a bowl + spoon (not metal) to mix 1-2 tbsp of Hemp Mask + 2-3 tsp of water
Mix till a mud-like paste is formed. Option: Add a drop of any of the Butt Naked Face Oils 

Apply to face for 10ish minutes Don’t let the mask completely dry on your skin

Rinse with warm water and follow up with a face oil. Can be used weekly.

Barcode: 0787099256203


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