Butt Naked


Butt Naked Hem p + Rosemary Naked Body Scrub 250g

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Butt Naked Hem p + Rosemary Naked Body Scrub 250g

Hemp Hydration 

Harness the ancient healing properties of Hemp and Rosemary, this body scrub is sure to get you feeling free and fresh! 

Hemp is packed with Amino acids that boost collagen production to aid in maintaing your skins elasticity, whilst anti bacterial Rosemary oil, not only helps improve memory but also boosts circulation in the skin. Fades stretch marks whilst assisting with lowering cellulite formation. 

Almond oil is is hypoallergenic and works deep into the skin by softening and removing dirt and debris accumulated in the skin and pores, helping prevent blackheads and breakouts. Vitamin A may also help reduce acne flare ups. 

Barcode: 787099608354


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