Nail Addict Eco Mani Violet

Nail Addict Eco Mani Violet 

Pro designer nails for endless customisable looks & long lasting wear. 

These nails have designed with  minimal waste in mind. Eco conscious nails with Tips made from recycled plastic. Packing also made from recycled cardboard and eco conscious paper helps reduce waste. 

To apply 

Clean and lightly buff nails with the file provided. 

Select a nail tip that fits the natural nail. 

apply a thin layer of glue to the natural nail. 

place nail tip over the natural nail and hold firmly for 10-15 seconds. If needed file nails to desired length & shape. 

To Remove 

Soak in acetone polish remover until adhesive dissolves. Do not peel or break off nails

Barcode: 0074764586421