NuMe Sectioning Comb

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NuMe Sectioning Comb 
Section, Color, Style and so much more! This fine tooth rat tail parting comb is perfect for sectioning hair and backcombing styles to create volume.

The NuMe Professional Sectioning Comb has a comfortable feel, excellent high-temperature resistance, and anti-static characteristics.

With the multi-function rat tail, it allows you to get stylish looks quickly. This hair comb with tail is genuinely favored by consumers and professional hairdressers.

Made of imported carbon fiber has been carefully processed to have the advantages of high-temperature resistance, anti-static, high toughness, allowing you to shape your hairstyle quickly.

This Sectioning hair comb is ergonomically designed to ensure optimum comfort during use. It will not deform easily even used for a long time and provides a longer service life than ordinary styling combs.


Unlike ordinary plastic combs, this carbon fiber comb is lightweight and an-static, which can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity and reduce the harm of static electricity to hair.