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Solinotes Sakura Mix Eau De Parfum 3x15ml

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Solinotes Sakura Mix Eau De Parfum 3x15ml

Solinotes create simple yet intoxicating fragrances at a great price so that you can mix them on your skin to create a scent unique to you. The Sakura Mix collection from Solinotes is inspired by Japanese culture, and contains three Solinotes fragrances: The Blanc, Yuzu and Cherry Blossom.



The Blanc is a white tea scented fragrance, with the leaf as the most prominent note. The planty and calming note is complimented with fresh bergamot and sweet-spicy cardamom to make the fragrance burst with light, as well as gentle notes of sage, Osmanthus blossom and musk at the base.

Inspired by a small citrus fruit that is very popular in Japan, Yuzu is a good-mood boost for a good time. Lemon, bergamot and yuzu citruses combine with tangy tangerine and gentle white flowers, with a subtle base of patchouli and oakmoss for sophistication.

Cherry Blossom is a gentle fragrance with a strong floral and fruity scent, created with notes that include cherry, rose, raspberry, apple and a touch of musk and citrus. This parfum is delightful by itself, or mixed with lighter floral or tea perfumes for an irresistible feminine fragrance.



 These fragrances create a brilliant scent separately, and can be mixed to taste to create a perfume unique to you. Solinotes is a cruelty-free and vegan brand.




 Barcode: 3379501360874