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Prestigious Paris cosmetics house, Clarins, pride themselves on their natural plant-based products. The company was founded in 1954, by ex-medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins who created the business “out of love and respect of women’s beauty”.

Initially designed for beauticians to use in salon treatments, women across the world boast the benefits of Clarins’ plant-based products and the positive effects of their skin care and cosmetics.

Clarins’ best selling product is their Beauty Flash Balm. This multi-purpose miracle product is designed to revive and rejuvenate tired skin by erasing visible signs of fatigue. Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm gives a radiant glow and when worn under makeup extends its lasting power. Another of Clarins’ stand-out products is their Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. It strengthens nails, reduces age spots and makes hands look soft and supple. What more could we ask for!

Clarins’ wide array of skin care products and cosmetics suit every age and skin type. Why not try one of their miracle products today?

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