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Finding a perfect perfume can be hard. Your favourite ingredients that best reflect you and your style are hard to pin down and even harder to find all together in one bottle. Often, you settle for a fragrance that has just enough of your favourites to capture your dream perfume. With Solinotes, however, you don’t have to settle. Solinotes fragrances are simple, containing a single base note in each bottle so that you can easily mix and match for the perfect perfume that is unique to you. Vibrant on their own but distinctive when mixed, Solinotes is a customer-focused brand that helps you create your dream fragrance.

Based in France, Solinotes Paris creates simple fragrances for unique and personal perfumes that the customers mix themselves. With a rainbow of bottled notes, from vanilla to blackcurrant to white tea and many more, this brand continues to grow while remaining sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. However, with this rainbow of fragrances to pick from, it is hard to choose favourites or the best combinations. The Solinotes sets help with this, curating a collection of perfumes that follow themes to help create a scent that suits your style or occasion. For example, the Sakura Mix Set is inspired by the natural fragrances of Japan, with White Tea, citrus Yuzu, and bright Cherry Blossom perfumes to play with. For something more tropical, there is the Sunset Mix Set, with Pomegranate, Rose, and Orange Blossom to transport you to an island holiday.

If you want something more specific to you, the separate bottles from Solinotes are the way to go. Each perfume is strongly scented with its namesake note, then gently complemented with other scents to keep it well-balanced and dimensional. The Rose scent, for example, also contains bergamot, cedarwood and lychee so that the rose smell isn’t flat. My current favourite mix is with the hazelnut-vanilla scented Tonka Bean and Orange Blossom, for a dessert-like perfume that has both gentle floral and deeper gourmand notes. Another fantastic mix is Vanilla and Rose, for a floral sweet perfume for every day. If you are having trouble finding the right fragrance mix for you though, Solinotes has a ‘Mix and Match’ page on their website to help guide you towards your signature scent.

Solinotes has created a fragrance range that is dynamic, interesting, and easy to customise; a user-focused approach to perfume. With a growing collection of notes that range from deep and earthy to airy and fresh, there is a way for everyone to create a perfume that best reflects their personality and style, all while making a statement and being sustainable.

Written By Miranda

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