Aldehyde Perfumes and Fragrances

Aldehydes are organic compounds found in natural materials. These organic compounds are found in essential oils and often produce very amiable aromas. For example, aldehydes are found in rose, cinnamon bark, jasmine, orange rind and lily of the valley.

The first fragrance that used aldehydes was Chanel No. 5 but today, there is hardly any fragrance that does not include some type of aldehyde. The scent of these organic compounds varies greatly. There are a few strains of aldehydes, each exuding a different fragrance.

Green Florals give a fresh outdoor fragrance, Fruity and Fresh Florals capture the scent of fresh fruit, commonly used in Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden fragrances. Finally, Woody and Sweet Florals add woody warmth and are often added to the base of Estee Lauder and Ralph Lauren fragrances.

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