A day of Sharing

A day of Sharing

Whether you are in a long term relationship, a short term one, or just one with your cat, Valentine’s day is a day we all want to share, be it romantic, platonic or ... Feline?

And a beautiful way to show the people in your life that you value them is by giving.

Why not tell that person how you feel with something that personifies them: Dolce & Gabbana The One, both men's and women's, are classic, sensual scents that are perfect for the One in your life.

For a romantic, candlelit setting, In Essence Aroma Therapy candles and essential oils are perfect to set the mood (just be careful with that feline friend of yours).

For those friends and family who you just want to show you care, fragrances by Vera Wang or Montblanc are a perfect way to say "I value you". And for that kitty.... maybe a box?

Valentine’s day is a day for sharing. And in these stressful times, spending a day with the people you care for might just be in order.

Happy Valentine’s day.