Issey Miyake

Born in Japan, Issey Miyake is an eclectic fashion designer who draws inspiration from all facets of life such as architecture, dance, theatre and travel. Miyake is a gifted craftsman as he studies material intensively in order to create new ways of designing his pieces. Miyake invented a new fabric making technique called Pleats Please, in 1989 designed for easy wear and comfort.

His simple and practical yet smart designs earned him the respect of his fellow fashion peers. Miyake has developed friendships with many celebrities, including former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. If you were ever curious as to where Jobs purchased his trademark and seemingly never ending supply of black turtlenecks, Issey Miyake is your answer. Jobs asked Miyake to make him a couple of the staple turtlenecks, he received a hundred in return.

His debut fragrance was the light aquatic floral, L’eau d’Issey for women in 1992. The frosted, whimsical bottle was designed to reflect the Eiffel Tower at midnight.