Paco Rabanne

Francisco ‘Paco’ Rabaneda Cuervo was born in 1934 in San Sebastian, Spain. Originally trained as an architect, he started his career in fashion by designing gorgeous pieces of jewellery for the major fashion houses of Givenchy, Dior and Balenciaga. More commonly known as Paco Rabanne, the Spanish designer opened his own boutique at age 32.

He launched his debut fragrance in 1969, entitled, Calandre. In typical Paco Rabanne fashion this was an innovative fragrance as not many fragrances had featured similar heavy cyprus notes. Rabanne’s fragrances – Black XS, 1 Million and Lady Million have experienced great success. Rabanne’s fragrances are charismatic and have masses of people across the world spritzing these perfumes on their wrists. Showing consistent innovation and creativity, the fashion house, Paco Rabanne remains a trend setter.