Tonic Australia

Two friends, Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz are the entrepreneurial minds behind Tonic Product Development. Known for their focus on the aesthetic, and their ever-changing distinctively patterned fabrics, Toni and Nikki’s creative, innovative and thoughtful designs are a steadfast requirement for the pair. Tonic offer deliciously scented goats milk soaps and their hero products: the heat pillow, eye pillow, cosmetic bags and much more.

Tonic’s longevity and ongoing success is associated with their determination to be true to their initial vision: for Tonic to offer a range of luxurious, unique and quality Australian-made products that can also provide nurturing, practicality and beauty. Now exporting globally, their beautiful items are sold in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe and the United Kingdom and Tonic continues to grow thanks to hard work, tenacity and enthusiasm for taking on new challenges and delivering on customers’ needs.

Tonic is proudly 100% Australian owned, its products are not tested on animals and each item is made with the highest quality, locally sourced materials and ingredients.