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Butt Naked Goodbye Breakouts Face Oil 30ml

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Butt Naked Goodbye Breakouts Face Oil 30ml

Soothe and calm dry, itchy skin, fade blemishes and balance oily skin with a super-hero hydrating facial oil that knows how to keep your skin happy, soft and nourished. 

For breakout prone, problem, sensitive skin. Fight off those unwanted pimples that appear in the most inconvenient of times. Hydrate, protect, and balance your skin, giving it a ton of nourishment – without clogging pores. 

Supercharged with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial plant oils, to combat adult or adolescent acne breakouts. Fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-aging properties from Hemp seed make this facial oil your go to to hydrate, moisturise and rescue skin from redness, swelling and itchiness caused by pesky skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema or rosacea. As well as moisturising and soothing, this face serum for oily skin boosts anti-aging properties also helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and signs of aging.

Barcode: 787099771065


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