Growth Bomb


Growth Bomb Strengthening Mask Revive & Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment 200ml

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Strengthening Mask Revive & Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment

Growth Bomb has BOOSTED the legendary Yerba Mate leaf from the Amazon Jungle and into the laboratory to bring you GROWTH BOMB. a potent formula charged with energy and rich in antioxidants that target sscalp health, protects against breakage and reduces hair fall. BOOM! Packed with the POWER of four seperate conditioning agents and contaning BOMBIN' natural extracts like snow flower, aniseed myrtle, mountain pepper berry and green tea extract this silicone-free mask is a MOISTURE BLAST that revives hair and conditions the scalp, leaving you with silky, strong, nourished hair. 

Directions: Apply a generous amount of Growth Bomb mask to damp hair, working from the scalp to ends and leaving in for at least 15 minutes. HOT TIP we like to apply it after our evening shower and sleep with it in overnight. Use With Growth Bomb's full range for ultimate results. 

  • Vegan¬†

This pack is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Barcode: 9356419000515