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Solinotes Fig Tree Flower Eau De Parfum 50ml

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Solinotes Fig Tree Eau De Parfum 50ml

Solinotes create simple yet intoxicating fragrances at a great price so that you can mix them on your skin to create a scent unique to you. This Fig Tree Flower scent, or ‘Figuier’ in its French name, is a delicate fragrance, bursting with sunny and juicy notes. Complimenting the fig tree flower are notes of tangy and compelling blackcurrant, grapefruit, and fig leaf, with a touch of floral peony, grounding sandalwood and creamy fig milk. Packaged in a convenient rollerball, this perfume is great for everyday and on-the-go use.

Solinotes is a cruelty-free and vegan brand.

Family: Fruity
Aroma: Floral/woody

Barcode: 3379501471167